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          I've sold a mystery to Kensington Books, the first in a three-book (at minimum) series! The Ghostwriter Series follows a celebrity ghostwriter who plays the role of "Watson"-esque chronicler in the various murder mysteries she finds herself embroiled in. She is smart, and interesting, but she is also a sidekick, which means she gets to team up with a different detective in each new mystery.... The first book is called That Woman and it follows a female politician who experiences a very public defeat, and who has retreated to her home in the Maine woods to lick her wounds and write her long-awaited memoir... with a ghostwriter, but of course. When a neighbor dies suspiciously, it isn't long before these two women find themselves on the hunt for a murderer.... I had so much fun writing this, and I cannot wait to share it with you. Publication date is looking like it will be in early 2024.


          I also wrote an essay on Medium about why I, as a gay man, chose to write a "straight" love story as my debut novel. Check it out below, if you're interested.​

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